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 I’m a  World Wide Voice Over artist.  Does your business need someone who is fun and easy to work with, experienced and trustworthy? Someone who can work on tight deadlines? Somebody who can connect with your client’s vision? Versatile vocal style from mid-30’s millennials to youngish senior citizens.  Narrated for business and non-profit organizations and everything in between. Homebuilt broadcast quality studio, AudioTechnica 4040 Condensor mic, Reaper DAW, SSL 2+ audio interface. Let’s work on your next project together with no obligation on your part.

Commercial and Corporate Sizzle Demos
Video Narration
About Me

 Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1970s, I loved anything that had to do with sound. Old radio shows, fog horns, public address announcements at baseball games and airports. I enjoyed acting and imitating media personalities of those years.  I wanted to be a disk jockey, but I never thought of working in it. Years later I moved overseas, raised a family but I never let go of my dream. After a forced retirement I decided to pursue my old passion and become a voice over artist. It’s been almost seven years and I’ve learned a lot and loved almost every minute of it. Drop me a line and let me know how your voice over journey is going.

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